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Navy SEALs have a dangerous, demanding job that takes them away from home nine months of every year. Their children live in a world that few of us can comprehend. The fear of not knowing when—or if—they’ll ever see their dad alive again can cause academic, emotional, and behavioral issues that put additional stress on their families and prevent them from thriving.

SEALKIDS, through its programs, supports the children of Naval Special Warfare—everyday kids living in extraordinary circumstances. This encompassing approach of academic testing, tutoring, therapy, advocacy, and enrichment fosters the success and well-being of the child, critically reducing family stresses and ultimately keeping today’s Navy SEAL in the fight.

SEALKIDS, through its programs, supports the children of Naval Special Warfare. Every dollar counts! Your donation of any size helps make an immediate and positive impact on the life of a child in the Naval Special Warfare Community. 

SEALKIDS Testimonials

Nothing speaks to our success better than SEAL parents.

100% of SEALs who had children in one of our programs reported a decline in family stress, allowing them to better focus on their job.


As a family of the Navy SEAL community, we are extremely grateful for the invaluable tutoring services we have received. We have moved roughly every two years the past 14 years. With each move, our family embraces the experiences and cultures of living in different states and countries, but moving requires time to adapt to the different school systems and methods of teaching. With the high tempo of the community and my husband often away or working long hours, the tutoring program provided through SEALKIDS allows him to focus on the mission and helps alleviate the burden at home when he can’t be there to help his children himself.Currently, we are living overseas and able to use computer video technology to maintain consistent tutoring for our two children with tutors living in the United States. I was skeptical at first on how this would go when not physically in the same room, but I am amazed at how well it works and at the professionalism of the tutors who are chosen specifically for each child’s needs. As a mom trying to juggle life at home, work, and kids’ activities, homework at times is a challenge between this mother and child. To be honest, there is a high degree of frustration and stress that often is exhibited between parent and child while tutoring that is absent during a tutor and child interaction. Everyone is a whole lot happier and doesn’t take the frustration out on one another emotionally/verbally. It truly is a win-win on many levels.We started the computer tutoring before we moved overseas during the summer to help keep up their skills, but also to have one less thing to have to adapt to during the move that was new territory. I felt like this time around we weren’t having to play catch up; it was routine and a familiar face for our children. I can’t stress how thankful I am to be receiving the service the SEALKIDS has given to our family.


SEALKIDS picked up the pieces when I could not. Unfortunately, we were plagued with one terrible happening after another. My daughter had heart surgery, I got cancer, my oldest son was diagnosed with RA and got a concussion, and of course my husband had to stay at his job and work hard through it all. I did the best that I could, but my children fell behind in school. SEALKIDS stepped in and provided the assistance for my children that I was unable to give them. I cannot tell you how fortunate we were that they were there for us.
If it had not been for them, I don’t think that my daughter would be graduating with an academic diploma and would have been accepted to all three colleges she applied to. My oldest son has continued to grow at his middle school academy and my youngest has learned how to actually sit still and put his brilliant thoughts down on paper for his teacher to see! Thank you so much to SEALKIDS! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!


When my first grade son came home with Cs and Ds on his report card, it was evident that he needed help. After talking with other military families, they informed us that SEALKIDS was where we could find this help.SEALKIDS has helped my son improve his grades, self-esteem, and positive outlook. He now looks forward to going to school. We are so pleased and grateful that this program is available. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.

Active Duty SEAL and Spouse

Both financially and with resources I NEVER KNEW EXISTED, SEALKIDS has allowed me to help my child in a way that would not have been possible without you. Please know you have my heartfelt gratitude! We have a long road ahead, but it is important for you and your donors to know that what you do for children is amazing and life-changing!


Thank you again for what you’re doing. You and your efforts are a tremendous blessing to the NSW community! I’m back to a Team this fall. I wouldn’t have been inclined to return to operational status if we didn’t have your support.


SEALKIDS has provided the support our family desperately needed in order to juggle a high OPTEMPO, stressful military life with building a strong family, and educational foundation for our children. Thank you SEALKIDS.

RADM Scott Moore and Mrs. Molly Moore [Former SEAL Commander DEVGRU & Family Advocate]

Reducing an operator’s stress at home is the key to improving his combat effectiveness. SEALKIDS is the go-to team for those hard-to-solve educational issues.

Spouse of Active-Duty Navy SEAL

SEALKIDS was fabulous in finding ways to help my little guy that I had not thought of. We are very thankful.


I wouldn’t have been inclined to return to operational status if we didn’t have SEALKIDS’ support.

SEALKIDS is a blessing to the SEAL children and their families.