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How it Started

Our story begins in 2014 when co-founder Patrick Frandji, a former ITF (International Tennis Federation) circuit player, began his professional tennis coaching career. Working with top athletes on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women's Tennis Association) tour, he needed to breakdown their performance from every aspect to provide improvements to maximize their results. A common area of feedback often related to their discontent with their apparel’s fit and quality. This dumbfounded Patrick as he had always assumed these big brands were providing top players with excellent gear. 

Four years later, Patrick decided to step up his efforts and began heavily researching what it would take to produce high-quality, well-fitting clothes for tennis and cross training. After two years and countless hours of R&D, Neptune Athletics’ first collection was almost ready to be produced. At this time, Neptune’s first two signed players, Olympian and Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Champion, Nicole Melichar-Martinez and ATP top 50 singles player Aljaz Bedene, were heavily involved in the final testing and approval process of every item. Thus the inaugural Fear the Trident collection was produced. 

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The Product  

Our design inspiration comes from having respect for the beauty and elegance of the game.  Therefore, our collections combine modern minimalist designs with ultimate functionality to create clothes made for high performing athletes, but accessible to everyone.   

Behind the Name  

Throughout history there have been various meanings behind the symbolism of the trident.  However, the words power and strength are repeatedly used to define the trident, in addition to the significance of the number 3.  The three prongs represent the trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit to one powerful source.  When competing on the global stage, you must balance all three; be in peak shape physically, mentally, and spiritually, to be the best and compete against the best.  

 We believe an athlete’s most vital attribute is the strength inside of them.  When you combine that strength with our meticulously engineered clothes, athletes have the extra edge needed to face their toughest challenges on and off court. 

About Page
About Page